More than mere consumers of technology, we are makers, adapting technology to our needs and integrating it into our lives. Some of us are born makers and others, like me, become makers almost without realizing it.
— Dale Dougherty, Founder of Make Magazine

TL;DR: Pollen helps makers to become better entrepreneurs and helps companies and NGOs to accelerate their product development and get to market faster.

Pollen was conceived in Barcelona in early 2015 within the MadeBCN makerspace.

We created Pollen to help Makers who struggle to take their ideas out of the makerspace and turn them into real businesses.

We're a band of entrepreneurs, designers, thinkers and design thinkers. We're technologists, researchers, dreamers and teachers, but most of all... we are Makers.

We provide the training, services and funding to help other Makers with great ideas to succeed.

Pollen for Companies

We've learned that the skills and mindset of Makers are also valuable for companies developing new products.

Makers are imaginative, multi-skilled, adaptable, energetic and highly creative - exactly the kind of people that companies need to innovate and grow.

Our Product Discovery programs connect makers and makerspaces to companies around the world who need their help.

We bring customer-centred design, creative discovery tools and talented makers to work together with product teams to rapidly explore new ideas.

How Pollen helps communities

We know that Makers make a difference.

We are evangelists for the power of Makers and making, and its ability to inspire and educate people of all kinds - students, employees, children, the elderly and disadvantaged communities of all kinds.

We create connections between makers and their local schools and community projects to foster collaboration and learning.


We have offices in Barcelona, Spain and San Leandro, California, and friends all over the world.

To find out more, get in touch: hello@thisispollen.com