This is to confirm that I, Ian Collingwood, of Roger de Flor 251, 5,1 08025 Barcelona have been the sole creator of all content contained in this website. This message, dated 22nd September 2016 has been brought about because it appears that a third party, unknown to me has copied in full or in large part, the content of this website with the intention of passing it off as their own or as the property of another person or party. 

During the creation of this site, I have been logging in using the credentials of Andrea Gini, which were provided to me by him. His login is and his password is, at this time 9XXXXXXXX3! (Note X is substituted for the characters in question. I can confirm the actual password in my records).

To confirm that it is me using these credentials, I will now change the password of this account to a phrase which will be unknown to Andrea, and known only to me. In the even of a dispute it's my belief that this will confirm that I, Ian Collingwood and the author of this message and that therefore the edits that have been made by me since June 2016 using Andrea's login are in fact my own work.

I am attaching screenshots of this site as of today and of the corresponding screenshots of the site that has stolen my creative work. The current location of the site in question is at IP number:

Furthermore I have today submitted this page and other pages in this site to to ensure a permanent record has been made. I will also submit the infringing site to the record.