We believe in the power of Makers. We want to create a world that celebrates creativity, learning and playful problem solving.

To help create this world we are building a global network for Makers to grow, share and have fun.

MakerNet creates tools that help makers and makerspaces to manage and showcase their work and connect to other makers.

Helping makerspaces

MakerNet develops tools to help makerspaces manage their infrastructure and operations. We solvecommon problems they face such as membership management and engagement, tracking of machine bookings, usage and billing.

Helping makers

Individual makers can use our tools to help them track and develop their skills, showcase their work, share their interests and connect with other makers. They can find collaborators, get help with their projects and make new friends.

Helping communities

For the wider community, we are helping makers and makerspaces to get involved with interesting local and international projects where they can apply their skills to solving problems for schools, businesses and non-profit organisations.

Join MakerNet

If you are a member of a makerspace we’d love to hear from you - we are committed to building tools with the direct involvement of the relevant users so if you’d like to help by sharing your experiences, get in touch now.

Alternatively if you’re a maker and want to find out more about what we are doing, please drop us a line and we’ll tell you more about what we’re doing and how to get involved.

The roots of MakerNet

MakerNet was created by Nathan and Kyle, two veteran makers. The idea came to them while they were building the Mazu temple for Burning Man 2015. They found it hard to find and connect with makerspaces with the specialised equipment and skills they needed to complete the project.

MakerNet was launched at the National Maker Faire in June 2016 during the White House National Week of Making.

As part of the launch we kicked off our first round of MakeItGo, the global maker challenge that linked 11 makerspaces around the world in a 30 day relay race to build an original piece of kinetic sculpture.

The game began at the HQ of Type A Machines located in TheGate510 and ended at ADX in Portland, having passed through most of the USA, Lithuania and Spain en route.

The final design will be installed at the World Maker Faire in New York in October.

We are planning future MakeItGo challenges that will bring makers around the world together to solve pressing social and environmental problems - such as developing affordable sensors for farmers in Bali to detect early signs of spoilage in their harvest. If you're an NGO with a project that you feel might be helped by MakeItGo, please get in touch: hello@thisispollen.com

We are hoping to work with schools and educators to develop a version of MakeItGo suitable for K12 students and STEM teachers. We are already in conversation with some educators, but would love to hear from more. Get in touch! hello@thisispollen.com


If you want to find out more about MakerNet or get involved drop us an email: hello@thisispollen.com